Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Mr. Schilaty say what? part 2

A girl in my sixth period class got wind of the write-down-funny-stuff-that-Mr. Schilaty-says thing and started her own list. I don't say things so that students will write them down - this is just how I talk.

"I'm not profiling."

"And they got really mad, so I'm not gonna do it."

"Whoa, you're like tigers."

Student: "Can I punch the next person who makes fun of me?"
Me: "Yes."

"It helps you be smarter."

"You made me look like a fool, now I get to make you look like one."

"I think you're big enough to handle it yourself"

"Whoa, whoa! Don't yell at me."

"If you were talking about Spanish you need to stop. If you were talking about anything else, you are wrong.

"I just owned you."


Candace said...

Haha, Ben you are awesome! We need to see you sometime! We just moved back to WA!!

Melissa said...

i wish you were my teacher.

Cherice said...

And just why, exactly, is it that you are not a Spanish Teaching Major?