Wednesday, June 10, 2015

My New Home

So much southwest charm
A few weeks ago I moved into a new house and I love it.  I'm house sitting for the summer and then in October the homeowner, her girlfriend, and I will share the house for the winter.   They're great and I'm excited to have roommates, but I'm also really enjoying living here by myself.

I'm not the most organized person so packing all my things into boxes, moving them to a new house, and then putting everything into its new place is pretty much the worst.  And what made things even worse was that Dianna and fun Laura weren't here to keep me company while I tried to put everything away.

This was the moment when I considered giving up on life
And then everything magically got put away
I excitedly told a friend that I'd made a reading nook in my bedroom and he said, "You mean you just put a chair in a corner?"  Yep, that's about it.  But it's also bookshelf adjacent so I feel like that gives it some nook-like qualities.

I've been considering taking after gym selfies in my bathroom, but that weird pelican picture would just make them seem lame.  Also, all after gym selfies are lame.
My duck face needs some serious work

I hid a note in the bathroom for any snoopers
I mostly love everything about my new place.  However, the one thing it lacks is a really, really comfy couch.  There are a few futons and they're nice and all, but an awesome couch just can't be beat.
It's a top notch futon, but still a futon

Not the comfiest chair, but it's great for directing movies

I had Phil, Danielle, Carl, and Maggie over for dinner last week.  This was the first time I'd invited Maggie over for dinner.  She asked what she could bring and I said, "We'll be drinking water and there is no dessert so if you want either of those things you'll need to bring it."  So she did!  She brought drinks, dessert, and also bought me this awesome flower because, why not?

I dressed Mr. Cactus Head in his summer garb

Part of my backyard
My new pad is pretty rad.  Feel free to stop by for a visit whenever you like.  Also, I'm responsible for watering the plants this summer and I'm very worried that I'm going to kill them all.  Any watering advice you have will be appreciated.


jenheadjen said...

Love it! The cactus hat is pretty thoughtful. Now he won't have to worry about sunburn.

Robyn Harmon said...

I like your new house, Ben. It looks cozy and peaceful. It's true that organizing things which are transferred from a previous house is tiring, specially when you're the only one to do it, but I'm glad that you made it. I hope you're having a great time there. Take care!

Robyn Harmon @ Hills Moving

Jefferson said...

Congratulations on moving into your new home with your friends. I think a bookcase and cozy chair are all you really need for a reading nook. You can read your favorite books without any distractions. I agree that futons are not as cozy as a traditional couch, but you can make it work with extra pillows or a throw blanket.