Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Me Party

My roommate moved out three weeks ago and since then I’ve been living alone. Anyone who remembers mid-2000’s Ben will recall that I hated be alone – absolutely hated it. When I attended BYU I wouldn’t even go grocery shopping by myself. Being alone just wasn’t my thing. But then I graduated from BYU and spent the summer of 2008 doing an internship in Mexico. I didn’t have a ton of friends there and I learned the joy of going on walks and riding my bike by myself. And exploring Portugal alone was such a blast, too. It’s nice to have me time and just think sometimes. However, this is the first time I’ve ever lived alone and I’m learning some interesting things about myself.

First of all, I’m not a dirty or messy person by nature, but I am disorganized. Now that I live alone I leave a lot more stuff out. I just don't see the point of putting something away if it's already where I'm going to use it the next time I need it. For example, when I get home from grocery shopping I put everything that needs to be refrigerated in the refrigerator and leave the rest of the food on the kitchen table. There’s not really any need to hide it in a cupboard since I’m just going to be using it on the table anyway. Cut out the middle man, right? Hopefully I don't live alone for too long so that this whole leave-everything-out business doesn't become an unbreakable habit.

I've learned that when you live alone the only door that ever needs to be shut is the front door. All other doors no longer serve a purpose.

I’ve learned that it’s not the number of dishes in the sink that reminds me to load the dishwasher; it’s the height of the dishes in the sink. For example, I barely notice a few plates in the sink because they don’t stack up very high. But add in some bowls and that dish pile grows pretty fast (especially when a plate is placed on top of a bowl). Things get really bad when I make waffles (roughly twice a week) because I use a big bowl for the waffle mix. Boy does that fill up the sink fast. And then I do the dishes.

I don’t seem to generate much trash alone. On Sunday night I went to move the trashcan out to the street and it was completely empty. I then looked around the house and none of the trashcans needed to be emptied. I emptied one anyway because there was a banana peel in it.

I've learned that I'm a much more pleasant cleaner. I don't think my last roommate every cleaned the bathroom so every time I had to clean it I was always slightly annoyed. But now that I'm living alone I know that any mess is my fault which makes cleaning the toilet much less annoying. Also, even though the kitchen is more cluttered, it's cleaner now because I'm more likely to clean up my own mess than someone else's.

It’s nice to not have to worry about being in someone else’s way, but I really miss living with someone. It’s kind of sad to come home and have no one to talk to. I definitely don’t prefer living alone and I’m glad that I’ll be moving out in June and will once again enjoy human interaction. One perk to living alone is that I have music on all the time. Every day is a me party.

Note: I still make my bed every day.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I know read the Ensign while eating Nutella from the jar with a butter knife. Yeah, this living alone thing isn't super-healthy for me.


Unknown said...

I remember you told me why you make your bed. Was it 'cause a general authority said something about that helping you prepare for marriage? If that's not your reason, it sure is one of mine, lol! And nice Nutella+Ensign habit!

Joleen said...

I was victim to your refusal to grocery shop alone many a times. I'm pretty sure that once I went with you and all you were buying was laundry detergent. Yeah, your fear of shopping alone was that bad :)

I hope the self-timer took that photo. Otherwise, you may be living with a ghost.

Ben said...

Ariel, I don't think it was a general authority thing, but I can't remember what inspired me to do it. Oh, and big beds are much harder to make.
Joleen, I was thinking of the detergent event as I was writing the blog. Victim? I would like to think you were the beneficiary. Thanks for always being there. The self-timer does a great job. And sometimes I do think I live with a ghost, but I think it's just the furnace.

Amanda Duke said...

I can't buy Nutella. I eat it by the spoonful!

Marcindra LaPriel said...

Here here! (Or is it 'hear hear!"?) Roommates really are fantastic. I'm living with my family and I still feel that way. No one is ever awake when I get home from work and no one ever plays with me.